Dictionary of Definitions

Air Cushions: Added as needed for extra support to all outgoing shipments, free of additional charge.

Bill of Lading: Receipt for goods contained in the shipment given to the consignee by the carrier.

Bundling: Combining multiple single units, or multiple pieces, into one sellable unit.

Carton: Outermost shipping box.

Case-Packed: All products within the carton match in SKU and quantity.

Consignee OR Importer of Record: The owner/purchaser of the goods, and financially responsible party.

Customs Broker: Professional to facilitate the forwarding of goods through customs.

Detailed Inspection: Opening the product packaging and inspecting using specific instructions. Requires opening the product packaging and handling the product itself.

Duty Fees (Tax, Tariffs): Based on the total value of your goods, duty fees will need to be paid by the Consignee/Importer of Record upon import into the country.

FNSKU: Amazon Product Label, (Fulfillment Network Stock Keeping Unit).

Freight Forwarder: Facilitates the forwarding of shipments from port to receiving destination.

Inner Carton: Contained within Master Cartons, usually used with small products to offer additional layer of protection.

Inserts: Coupons, fliers, thank you notes, user manuals, etc.

Labels: Any sticker to be applied to your product packaging.

Master Carton: Outmost shipping box containing multiple inner cartons of products.

Mixed-Sku (Individual Units): Carton contains one or more different products and in different quantities.

Multipack: Multiple identical products sold together.

Poly Bags: Thin plastic pouch used to protect goods.

Processing: Receiving, inspecting, counting, re-packing, weighing, measuring, and shipping your order.

Product Content Verification: Verifying the presence of specific features, pieces, and/or quality. Requires opening the product packaging and handling the product itself.

Product Packaging: The outermost product packaging your customer would see.

Receiver: The party responsible for accepting the delivery from the supplier.

Replacement Product Packaging: Extra product packages/plastic casing sent in addition to or after your total expected quantity.

Sorting: Itemizing/configuring your order based on your shipping plan.

Supplier: Manufacturer of your products/packaging/inserts, etc.

Ultimate Consignee:  Third-party receiver of goods entering the country, prior to sale.

UPC: Universal Product Code. This generic barcode will be covered by the FNSKU in most instances.

Way Bill: Itemized list of goods in a particular shipment.